AQIP Systems Portfolio

The Systems Portfolio is a public document describing our fundamental institutional systems. The portfolio covers the nine AQIP categories describing processes, results, and improvements in each category. The nine categories are as follows:

The HLC Index cross-references information in the portfolio as evidence showing how MATC continues to meet the HLC's Criteria for Accreditation.

Created through the first four years of AQIP involvement, the Systems Portfolio becomes a living document which is continually updated to reflect changes and improvements in our systems and processes.

As you work through the portfolio, you will notice green icons. These icons are links to take you to supporting documentation. A word that has a single underline is a hyperlink on the web, and a double underline indicates an acronym or MATC-defined term. Just "roll over" the word, and the title or definition will appear. Use the browser’s back arrow key to return to your previous page or follow the breadcrumbs provided at the top of each page.