Any pre-admission exam taken in August is accepted for August's petition window.

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Exam Location: School of Health Science ~ 700 West Highland Ave ~ Room H126 ~ Exams scores are available immediately after completion

Special accommodation for Pre admission exams?
Click here for specific instructions & exam dates

ADN Exam Info

ADN Nursing (NLN PAX RN) Pre-admission exam dates & registration Info :: Printable PDF

NLN PAX RN Entrance exams can be purchased
NLN Registration Store

Allied Health* & LPN to RN Progression

Allied Health (HESI: HP-A2) & LPN-RN Education Progression (HESI: RN Entrance) exam dates & registration Info :: Printable PDF

HP-A2 exam for Friday, August 29th is available to purchase. The purchase code is 4426.

The LPN to RN Education Progression exam (LPN - ADN Entrance) for Thursday, August 28th is available to purchase. The exam purchase code is 4394. "Second Tester" just refers to a second exam version.

Register & Pay at Evolve

*The Allied Health (HP-A2) exam is for the following programs :: Anesthesia Technology ~ Cardiovascular Technology ~ Health Unit Coordinator ~ Funeral Services ~ Medical Coding Specialist ~ Radiography ~ Respiratory Therapist ~ Surgical Technology

Registration instruction for Allied Health (HP-A2) & LPN - RN

Do you need a review class to prepare for LPN-RN Progression Exam?

Register for NURSAD-190-502 (00086747) LPN Prog Challenge Exam Review. Starts in Fall 2014.

Need FREE Pre-Admission exam study resources?
Nursing and HP-A2 Resources here.

Looking for a testing or study app for your device? Search on

Pre Admission Exam questions?

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H126 Lab hours

August Open Lab Hours

H126 supports with scanning & uploading to Certified Background.
Support from 8:00 - 11:30 & 1:00 - 4:00. Check hours for closings.

If H126 is closed check out the other Academic Support Labs
*AS Labs do not support scanning services, but try uploading docs via Smartphone photo, Fed Ex Kinko's or Public Library. Must be jpg or pdf files.

Faculty Check Below Availability to Reserve

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