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Any pre-admission exam taken in August is accepted.

ADN Program

ADN Nursing (NLN PAX RN) Pre-admission exam dates & registration Info :: Printable PDF

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Allied Health* & LPN to RN Progression

Allied Health (HESI: HP-A2) & LPN-RN Education Progression (HESI: RN Entrance) exam dates & registration Info :: Printable PDF

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The HP-A2 and LPN to RN Education Progression exams for August 2014 will be available to purchase beginning Monday, August 4th at noon. The exam purchase codes will be provided here.
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*The Allied Health (HP-A2) exam is for the following programs :: Anesthesia Technology ~ Cardiovascular Technology ~ Health Unit Coordinator ~ Funeral Services ~ Medical Coding Specialist ~ Radiography ~ Respiratory Therapist ~ Surgical Technology

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August 1st - 31st, 2014.
Link will be available here August 4th &
School of Health Sciences webpage on August 1st.

~Check your specific Program Requirements Checklist & Print them.
Find at School of Health Sciences webpage.

Certified Background is payed once you've been notified and accepted into your program.

This EXCLUDES CNA certification which is a non-petitioning program. You are required to complete & pay before you can register for CNA classes at MATC. Check the CNA Requirements here.


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Online titles :: A-C :: D-I :: J-P :: Q-Z


Activity(30:45) Lippincott

Intro (2:38)
Turning a Patient in Bed (3:28)
Range of Motion (7:42)
Assisting Patient up in bed w/ one Nurse (1:56)
Assisting Patient up in bed w/ two Nurses (2:55)
Assisting Patient onto Stretcher w/ three Nurses (4)
Assisting Patient to Wheelchair (3:41)
Unexpected Situations (2:52)

Antepartum Series

Caring for the Anterpartum (2:42)
Respiratory Changes (1:14)
Cardiovasucular Changes (3:00)
Metabolic Changes (2:12)
Gastrointestinal Changes (2:21)
Vascular Changes (5:37)
Urinary Tract Changes (0:45)
Changes to Breasts (0:47)
Integumentary Changes (1:20)
Abdominal Skin Changes (1:02)
Musculoskeletal Changes (1:16)
Prenatal Care (5:52)

Asepsis (25:33) Lippincott

Intro (2:26)
Performing Hand Hygiene (5:01)
Preparing a Sterile Field (2:38)
Putting on Sterile Gloves (2:02)
Removing Soiled Gloves (0:51)
Sterile Field Pre-packaged Kits (1:59)
Putting on Protective Equipment (3:46)
Removing Protective Equipment (2:09)
Unexpected Situations (3:17)

Bowel Elimination (27:49) Lippincott

Intro (2:43)
Cleansing Enema/Large Volume (6:08)
Cleansing Enema/Small Volume (4:07)
Emptying an Ostomy Appliance (4:49)
Changing an Ostomy Appliance (5:42)
Unexpected Situations (2:57)

Central Venous Access Devices (31:33) Lippincott

Intro (2:25)
Changing an Access Device Dressing (6:46)
Accessing an Implanted Port (6:37)
Flushing a PICC Line (2:25)
Deaccessing an Implanted Port (3:24)
Assessing a PICC Line Site (1:51)
Obtaining Blood Samples from a CVAD (4:02)
Unexpected Situations (2:32)

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Delegation and Managned Care (Concept Media)

Economics of Health Care (37:09)
Managed Care in the Acute Setting (29:26)
Role of the Case Manager (27:28)

Dental Videos

Assembling Holders
Attest Biological Testing
Bisecting Angle Technique
Cleaning Removable Partial and Denture Appliances
Dental Radiography Anatomy
Dental Radiograph Pathology :: part I
Dental Radiograph Pathology :: part II
Early Embroyology of the Teeth
Extra Oral Exam
Gracey Curets
Hazard Communication
Health Sonic Performance Testing
Instrumental Sharpening
Isolation techniques & fluoride :: part I
Isolation techniques & fluoride :: part II
Isolation techniques & fluoride :: part III
Panoramic Radiographic Set up
Periodontal Explorers
Periodontal Probes
Pouring a Lower Impression
Pouring an Upper Impression
Standard Precautions
Subgingival Calculus

Hygiene (38:16) Lippincott

Intro (2:45)
Making an Unoccupied Bed (7:29)
Bed Bath and Changing Occupied Bed (17:25)
Assisting with Oral Care (4:02)
Unexpected Situations (5:07)

Indwelling and Intermittent Catheters

Intro (2:54)
Intermittent Female (6:39)
Indwelling Female (4:05)
Indwelling Male (6:10)
Intermittent Male (1:58)
Irrigating in a Closed System (4:20)
Unexpected Situations (2:31)

Injectable Medications(30:03) Lippincott

Intro (2:10)
Preparing a Medication from an Ampule (3:34)
Preparing Medication from a Vial (3:02)
Mixing Two Insulins in One Syringe (4:46)
Administering an Intradermal Injection (3:06)
Administering a Subcutaneous Injection (3:48)
Locating Intramuscular Sites (3:12)
Administering an Intramuscular Injection (2:47)
Unexpected Situations (2:05)

Intravenous Medications (27:17) Lippincott

Intro (2:15)
Administering IV Meds by Piggyback Infusion (4:46)
Mini Infusion Pump (5:06)
Volume Control Administrating Set (6:19)
Bolus through a Medication or IV Lock (4:20)
Unexpected Situations (3:03)

Intravenous Therapy(28:46) Lippincott

Intro (2:09)
Monitoring, Changing and Checking Infusion (5:12)
Replacing Solution Container/Admin tubing (6:14)
Changing a Peripheral Dressing (4:14)
Capping for Intermittent Use (3:00)
Connecting Short Tubing to Existing Cath (3:10)
Unexpected Situations (3:23)

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Mental Status Series

Assessing the Status of an Older Person Part I (17:10)
Assessing the Status of an Older Person Part II (17:00)

Nutrition (34:42)Lippincott

Intro (2:20)
Inserting a Nasogastric Tube (7:33)
Administering a Continuos Tube Feeding (6:35)
Administering a Intermittent Tube Feed (5:38)
Irrigating a Nasogastric Tube (3:33)
Removing a Nasogastric Tube (3:32)
Unexpected Situations (4:05)

Oral and Topical Medications (36:21)Lippincott

Intro (2:38)
Three Checks (1:22)
Preparing Unit Dosed Packaged Meds (3:31)
Administering Oral Medication (2:47)
Removing Med Tablets from a Bottle (1:56)
Splitting Tablet Medication (2:19)
Preparing Liquid Medication (1:56)
Preparing a Transdermal Patch (1:43)
Administering a Transdermal Patch (2:42)
Preparing Ear and Eye Drops (2:03)
Administering Ear and Eye Drops (4:46)
Administering a Rectal Suppository (3:23)
Unexpected Situations (3:47)

Oxygenation (28:09)Lippincott

Intro (2:52)
Pulse Oximeter (2:55)
Nasal Cannula (3:50)
Oxygen Mask (5:12)
Rationales for Suctioning (2:03)
Nasopharyngeal Suctioning (6:36)
Unexpected Situations (3:14)

Perioperative Nursing(33:44)Lippincott

Intro (2:51)
Preoperative Teaching (1:52)
Deep Breathing Exercises (1:42)
Splinting and Coughing (2:07)
Incentive Spirometry (1:42)
Postoperative Leg Exercises (1:51)
Turning Properly in Bed (2:08)
Preoperative Care on Day of Surgery (5:27)
Postoperative Care on Day of Surgery (4:51)
Applying a Pnuematic Compression Device (4:33)
Unexpected Situations (3:19)

Postpartum Series

Caring for the Postpartum (1:58)
Changes to Uterus (3:03)
Changes to Breasts (0:42)
Changes to Bowel/Bladder
Physical Assessment (1:57)
Assessing the Csection (2:34)
Psychological/Emotional assessment (2:51)
Knowledge of Newborn Care (1:30)

Psychotropic Medication Series

Schizophrenia (21:39)
Assessment, Intervention and Treatment (27:24)
Depression (21:33)
Anxiety (16:59)
Bipolar Disorder (14:17)

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Skin Integrity and Wound Care (27:10)Lippincott

Intro (2:24)
Cleaning Surgical Wound & Dry Sterile Dressing (4:36)
Obtaining a Wound Culture (4:23)
Irrigating a Wound w/ Sterile Technique (5:33)
Warm Sterile Compress (5:09)
Unexpected Situations (3:39)

Tracheostomy Care(21:58)Lippincott

Intro (3:00)
Suctioning (5:05)
Cleaning a Nondisposable Inner Cannula (9:08)
Unexpected Situations (3:22)

Urinary Elimination (25:54) Lippincott

Intro (2:20)
Assisting with a Urinal (3:07)
Assisting with a Bedpan (5:07)
Applying a Condom Catheter (6:28)
Caring for a Urinary Stoma (5:59)
Unexpected Situations (1:31)

Vital Signs( 30:14)Lippincott

Intro (3:53)
Oral Temp, Radial Pulse, Respiration, BP (8:07)
BP with an Electronic Device (1:26)
Tympanic Temperature (2:48)
Rectal Temperature (2:48)
Axillary Temperature (3:01)
Apical Pulse (2:29)
Unexpected Situations (3:28)

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