ER&D firmly believes that we must revive MATC's conversation about teaching and learning, a conversation which has dwindled with the advent of an open campus, the loss of a common lunch time and place, and the increase of distance education opportunities that keep us behind our computers more, and with each other less. We strive to create opportunities for faculty to work and talk together.

We also believe that each of us has the responsibility to view professional growth as more than classes we must take toward re-certification. We believe that faculty can, and will, make informed professional development decisions if given appropriate tools for reflection and assessment, as well as flexible choices in professional growth opportunities.

Think about what it would take to elevate your teaching from good to great. Tell us what you need to make that happen.

In what areas or subjects would you like to see more courses offered?
(For example, technology, pedagogy, etc. Please be as specific or as general as you like) You do not have to think within the confines of the traditional 1-3 credit course. We recognize the need to disseminate material in more varied formats.

What do you have to offer colleagues in the way of professional development?

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Michelle Felix
Instructor of English
ER&D Local Site Coordinator
Milwaukee Area Technical College