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     This page contains specific information for students, parents and counselors. Because you may be registering from a distance, please read this section carefully.

I'm a counselor/administrator - just tell me what to do!
I've developed these directions just for you!

What are the advantages to taking MATC Adult High School on-line courses?
MATC’s Adult High School was established in 1932 and is fully accredited by NCA just like any “normal” high school. Our instructors are not only certified by Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction, but the Wisconsin Technical College System as well. Our teachers write their own curriculum relying on state standards and do not use “pre-canned” course materials or cartridges. All work is submitted to, and evaluated by, the instructor. Finally, and most importantly to many, our fees are incredibly reasonable given other “virtual” school options.

MATC's Adult High School on-line courses - how do they work?
Our courses run on a 15-week semester and students can work day or night, but they must keep up. Very few courses require textbooks. I have produced a video which explains more in depth.

How much does it cost?
Our courses generally run between $30 and $50 each. There are also slight student fees that are added as well, but we continue to be a bargain when compared to other on-line or virtual schools. Course descriptions and fees can be found by clicking on the course title in INFOnline.

What other schools send students to take your courses?
Here's a document displaying the over 100 Wisconsin school districts that we have served.

How do I know if my student can take on-line courses?
The answer depends largely on the student's age and from what school the student intends to graduate from. Reading this more thorough explanation should answer your questions.

How do I know what on-line courses are available?
We don't mail schedules or read available classes over the phone. Instead we use INFOnline - MATC's real-time scheduling, registration and student information system. Directions can be found here.

Can students sign up at any point during the semester (open entry, open exit)?
While we allow registration well into the semester if there is room in a course, there is a definite start and end date to each term. Students should be mindful that MATC’s end date is often long before that of their regular school. Also, once a course begins, a student needs the written permission of the instructor to enter the course.

How does my student register for on-line courses?
Students under 18 must present written permission from their regular school so on-line or touch-tone registration is not possible. Only continuing, adult students can use these systems of convenience. Detailed registration instructions can be found here.

My counselor said, "Call MATC and register for an on-line course.
The counselor, or school official, needs to specify in writing what course(s) the student needs; should assist in accessing INFOnline to verify course and seat availability; and help complete the registration form.

Can a student complete their entire dipoma on-line?
It depends on a number of factors. If a student plans to graduate from our Adult High School, they need to complete 42 credits (we award one credit for most courses) but we don't offer a full 42 credits on-line. But if a student has completed sufficient course work before coming to us, it is certainly possible to complete the remaining course work on-line. Remeber that students cannot pursue an MATC Adult High School until they are at least 18. If a student of at least 16 years of age who is enrolled full-time within their home district takes our courses, they are doing so to fullfill graduation requirements for that disctrict and should be making course selections accordingly.

How many courses can a student take?
It is up to the student and their counselor but, because our courses require just as much work as any other, we suggest just one, two, at most three courses during a term.

How do MATC Adult High School credits work and transfer?
MATC’s Adult High School awards a full credit for completion of most courses but requires over forty for graduation. Typically schools requiring twenty some credits for graduation award one-half credit for MATC’s full credit. 

My student is registered, now what?
The student should receive their pink student program in the postal mail. The program contains the students seven-digit MATC ID (above their name) and directs them to a web site to begin. If the program doesn't arrive in a timely manner, please contact me and I will provide the ID#. Directions for MATC e-mail and Blackboard log-in can be found here.

My student has completed an on-line course and needs grade(s)/transcript.
MATC does not mail grades to students. Grade reports and unofficial transcripts are available via INFOnline. Official transcripts can be ordered following the directions available by phone (414-297-6416) or at this web site and completing the form here.

My student is home-schooled or home-bound.
We are prohibited from working with home-bound or home-schooled students.

My student has been expelled from their home district.
Please contact our Associate Dean Pat Leong-Kappel 414-297-7849 or

Do you have GED/HSED courses on-line?
We do offer several GED/HSED courses on-line through the Pre-College Education Division. Students are encouraged to take a placement test (Accuplacer) and meet with a counselor to select the appropriate preparation course. All GED testing must be done in person at an approved testing center. Follow the directions here for locating GED courses in INFOnline and click here to learn more about the GED/HSED process.