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Spring Registration

Priority Registration for Military Veterans is

November 7, 2016

Open Registration

November 8, 2016

Registration is on InfOnline starting at 0745



Semester 2 (potential PN graduates)

Semester 4 (potential RN graduates)

PN semester 2 (potential PN graduates)

Pinning is December 13-- please mark your calendar.


Graduation Composite

Graduating Practical Nurses and Associate Degree Nurses are eligible to have their picture taken for the December 2016 Graduation Composite.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Milwaukee 9:00-12:00
Room H 350B


Monday, November 7, 2016
Mequon 9:30-11:30
Room B230

Please sign up by completing the following form-- click here

Please wear white, and bring your pin.  You may purchase an MATC Nursing Pin at the MATC bookstore.  If you do not have a pin, or prefer not to purchase one, the photographer will have one that you can borrow for the sitting. 
Men, please wear ties.

There is no fee for the sitting.  Graduation photographs can be purchased through the photographer, Grand Studios. 
Details will be given at the sitting.



Open Lab hours for Mequon campus:

Mondays: 10am- 1pm. Student tutor 9:30-12:30

Tuesday: 9am-4pm; Closed during lunch hour 12pm-1pm

Wednesday 9am-10am

Hours are subject to change.

All students: Please check semester labels at the top of this page for information on semester clinical orientation schedules.





More Pinning Pictures