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Information to Help You Get Started in Blackboard

Are You New to Online Learning?

All students who register for an online course for the first time at MATC, will be required to complete the Online Student Readiness course (COMPUB 798). This course provides skill development on a number of topics that are essential to online learning success, including Blackboard, INFOnline, MyMATC, Gmail, time management and online learning best practices. It is self-paced, takes between 4.5 to 5 hours to complete, does not have to be completed in one session, and costs $4.50.

COMPUB-798 is taken concurrently with your online class, rather than completed before you can register for an online class. Using  INFOnline to register for classes, enter only 3 items in the search fields, Current semester, COMPUB from the subject menu, and type 798 into the course number field.

Before you start working in your online courses, please review the information in the modules below.

1. Activate your My MATC Account

If you are a new student, go to and click the Activate My MATC Account link in the black banner at the top of the page. Using your 7-digit student ID as found on your course schedule or Stormer's card, carefully follow the instructions displayed on the screen to select a password and set up your security questions. Be sure to write this information down for your records!

Screenshot of MATC Home Page and Activate My Account Link

Returning Students - If you do not remember what your My MATC username or password is, go to the online Password Manager and use the "Forgotten Username" or "Forgotten Password" tool.

For Login/Activation Problems - Contact the Help Desk at (414) 297-6541. Only the Help Desk can assist with login problems.

2. Log into your MATC Gmail

Your MATC Gmail account is your primary means of communication between the school, your teacher, and you. Also, through your school Gmail account, you have access to Google Drive, a suite of free tools you can use to create documents and store files.

Resources to Help You Get Started

3. Update Your Rave Alert Contact Preferences

MATC uses the Rave Alert system to notify students in the event of an emergency and/or school closing. Although all students are automatically added to the system, you must update your desired contact methods (Phone numbers, Email addresses, SMS Text numbers).  You may specify multiple contact methods.

4. Review the Online Blackboard Orientation

No log-in is required to access the Online Blackboard Orientation. If you prefer, you may attend an in-person Blackboard Orientation at your local campus. Live orientation sessions are offered throughout the first few weeks of every semester. See the Online Blackboard Orientation for the in-person dates here

5. Review Your Technical Skills and Computer Requirements

Take the Technical Skills Self Assessment to determine if you have the skills needed for online coursework. We also recommend reviewing these guides to prepare your computer:

6. Log into Blackboard

Please be sure you are able to log into Blackboard so that problems can be resolved prior to the start of the semester.

  • Usernames and Passwords - Everyone will log into Blackboard using their text-character My MATC network account username and password. It will be the same username and password you use to log into MATC computers, Gmail, and the myMATC portal.
  • Are You Having Login Problems? - On the Blackboard home page, click the "Need Log in Help" link for information about usernames, passwords, and contacting the Help Desk for assistance.

7. Course Availability

  • When Will My Classes Appear in Blackboard? - Classes will NOT appear in Bb until the day after you register and when the instructor has made the class available to students. If you do not see your course by the official start date of class, please contact your instructor.  Your instructor's contact information can be found by reviewing your course information in  INFOnline.
  • "You are Not Enrolled in Any Classes" Message - If you see this message in Blackboard, it does not mean that you are not registered for classes. It just means that your course(s) have not yet been made available by your instructor. All online classes will be made available by the instructor by the start date. 
  • Online and Face-to-Face Classes - All courses taught online will use Blackboard, but instructors who teach on campus may choose to use Blackbaord to provide students with a syllabus and other resources.

8. Visit the MATC Bookstore Website

Because your course syllabus may not be available until the first day of class, we recommend visiting the MATC Bookstore website to see what books and supplies you may need for your classes.

9. Review Student Support Site Tutorials

The Student Blackboard Support Site is your source for how-to guides and troubleshooting tips. You can find this site by clicking the "Student Support" tab in Blackboard. We recommend viewing these basic activities:

10. Review Academic Standards of Success and Support Options

Last Updated 05.25.18