Career Essentials & Blackboard

What are Career Essentials?

MATC's Core Abilities have been reviewed and updated to Career Essentials as the formal method to assess general student learning outcomes or soft skills. Career Essentials are seven (7) competencies that program students must be able to demonstrate by the time they complete a program. They are listed in the below image.Career Essentials

Every program course includes an assessment aligned to one (1) Career Essential, facilitated through Blackboard. The results of this assessment will indicate where students are at any point in their progress throughout their time at MATC.

How Do I Complete a Career Essential Assessment?

The purpose of Career Essentials Assessment is to evaluate student soft skills within the context of their program and to provide that evaluative information to the students. Typically, students complete a Career Essentials Assessment through a familiar assignment submission process in Blackboard. See these instructions.

If you have questions about the Career Essentials competency and assessment in your course, please contact your instructor.

How Do I Check My Career Essential Results and Progress?

Once an instructor grades a Career Essentials assignment, you will be able to view your results through the My Grades and Goal Performance tools in the course. See these instructions to learn more. The results of the Career Essentials Assessment will indicate where you are at any point in your progress throughout your time at MATC.Screenshot of Goal Performance Dashboard in Blackboard