Student email:

Students have been given web-based email account to access MATC e-mail. MATC will use this account to send students information about items such as progress reports, grades, financial aid, registration dates, and more. Students should visit to learn how to login, redirect their e-mail to any account they may already have, or forward their existing MATC mail to their new address. Students can access this service by clicking the New Web-Based e-mail link on the MY MATC page after logging in to Blackboard.

You need to check your email at least once a day.  All of my communication is done through email, including the Google group.


Email Etiquette:

It is very important to clearly identify yourself in all email contact with me.  Please include our class (ITNET-112) in the subject line of all email with me and include your full name in the actual email.  Thank you!!