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Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions
Information to Help You Get Started in Blackboard

Review this page for answers to frequently asked questions about learning with Blackboard.

Click on a question to view its answer. If you do not find the answer to your question here, use the Student Support Contact Form for assistance.

I am not able to log into Blackboard. What should I do?

  • New students - You must activate your MATC network account before you can login to your MATC Gmail and Blackboard. You will need your 7 digit MATC ID number, found on your Stormer Card or class schedule, to do so. It will take a minimum of 24 hours from the time you register until your account is active in Blackboard.
  • Returning Students - If you do not remember your MATC network account login or your password expired, go to the online Password Manager and use the "Forgotten Username" or "Forgotten Password " tool.
  • Still Can't Log in? - Only the Help Desk can resolve login issues! Call (414) 297-6541 or create a ticket using their online form. The password to submit the request form is: MATC.

What are the computer requirements to access Blackboard?

All MATC students will need access to a Windows or Mac computer to access Blackboard. Please see the Minimum Requirements Guide for more information. Students interested in accessing Blackboard using their tablet or smartphone should see the Bb Student App.

Where can I get more information about using my MATC Gmail account?

Your MATC Gmail account is your primary means of communicating with your instructor and college services. Through your MATC Gmail account, you also have access to Google Apps to create documents and store files. It is important to frequently check your MATC Gmail account's messages for class announcements from your instructors.

Resources to Help You Get Started

How do I begin my online class?

To begin your online class, review the content in the StartHere link and online Blackboard orientation.

How do I find out what books I need for my online classes?

Your course syllabus may not be available until the first day of class. Visit the MATC Bookstore website to see what books and supplies you may need for your classes.

I have registered and paid for classes, why are they not appearing in Blackboard?

Course enrollments from INFOnline appear on Blackboard's Courses page within 24 hours after registration. If you do not see your enrolled courses in Blackboard, check your Course List filter settings. If you have registered, but do not see your enrollment in INFOnline and Blackboard, contact the Welcome Center to check your registration.

Courses are initially marked as Private in Blackboard until the instructor makes them available to students by the course's official start date as listed in INFOnline. If a course does not become available by its start date, contact your instructor directly. Instructor information can be found by reviewing your course information in INFOnline.

Why are classes I completed last semester still displayed on Blackboard's Courses Page?

At the end of the semester, your instructor may turn off access to the course by marking courses as "Private" or "Complete". Old courses will display on your Courses page for a duration of seven years. You may use the Course List settings to sort and favorite your current courses.

How long will my course be available in Blackboard?

Instructors manage the availability of their courses to students in Blackboard. A course is made available to students no later than its start date and is available to enrolled students for the duration of the semester unless otherwise indicated. Semester courses are typically made unavailable to students after final grades have been submitted. If you have a question about your course's availability, contact your instructor directly.

How do I navigate Blackboard to complete class assessments and activities?

See these tutorials to learn how to use the Blackboard's new navigation and complete course work.

My instructor says we will be using Respondus LockDown Browser for online testing. What is this?

Some instructors require students to take online tests in Respondus LockDown Browser, a special type of browser that prevents you from printing, copying, going to other websites, or accessing other applications until you submit your test for grading.

When clicking on a course menu link or folder, why do I see the message "Access Denied"?

This error message is usually related to an availability setting the instructor needs to update. Please follow up with the instructor so that the problem is corrected.

When clicking on a course menu button or folder, why do I see the message "Folder Empty"?

This message appears when the instructor has not made content available or because content is only available to students during a specific timeframe. Please contact your instructor for more information.

When I access my course, the course's main menu collapses or is hidden from view. What do I do?

A course’s main menu can be collapsed to the left-side of the screen to give priority to course material displayed to the right. When a browser window is less than 1024 pixels wide, the course menu automatically collapses. Students can show or hide the course menu using these instructions.

In the My MATC portal, why do I see the message "Resource Not Available" when I click on the name of my course?

The error message is related to course availability. Instructors will make courses available no later than the start date.

I am having a technical problem in Blackboard. How do I resolve it?

For a problem with course content, always contact your instructor as soon as possible. For technical problems, please review these resources to troubleshooting help.