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Test Taking Process

In your online courses, your instructor may require you to take online tests in Blackboard. To learn more about the test-taking process, please review the resources provided below. If you encounter technical difficulties when taking an online test, please contact your instructor immediately for assistance and review the Test Troubleshooting Tips.

Before You Take a Test

Watch the Test Overview Video

Perform These Tasks

When Your Test Session Begins

Wait for Your Questions to Load
Once your questions have finished loading on the page, you may begin typing or selecting answers.

Monitor and Save Your Progress
Be mindful of the Test Information Status bar to monitor your progress. Click a "Save Answer" button every five questions or so to ensure that your test session remains active and to protect your answers in case you lose internet connectivity.

Example Announcement

Remember to Submit Your Test When You are Done
Click the test's "Submit" button one time with your mouse and wait for a confirmation screen to appear. This sends your completed test to your instructor for grading.

After You Submit Your Test

Save Your Confirmation Page
Once you have submitted your test, you should see a confirmation page with information about your test attempt. Save or print this information for your records, in the event that there is a problem with your submission.

Test Confirmation Message

Review your My Grades Area
When you view your My Grades area of the course, the test will appear under the "Graded" or "Submitted" headings if the test was properly submitted. If your test is still listed under the "Upcoming" heading and accompanied with the "In Progress" icon In Progress icon, you may have encountered a technical difficulty

My Grades Icons

When a test score is available, click on the score to review your test submission, grades, and feedback.