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Online Learning

Achieving success in today's college courses requires you to develop not only effective learning skills and study habits for use in the on-campus classroom but also the skills necessary for success when your courses use online technologies such as real-time chats, online discussion boards, and email.

What is Online Learning?

In online learning, technology is used to deliver course content, interactive activities, and assessments. College instructors are increasingly using online technologies to supplement or replace many of the course activities that used to be confined to the classroom. With this in mind, online learning is:

  • Internet-based - Courses are delivered through the use of  Internet-connected computers, course websites, and digital communication tools.  Course syllabi, content, activities, and assessments are accessed completely online.
  • Flexible - Course content is accessible at your convenience. There are no specific "classroom" meeting times. You will complete weekly activities and assessments according to designated due dates, but based around your schedule.
  • Interactive - You will use email, chat, discussion boards, and other online tools to communicate with your instructor and classmates.
  • Rigorous - Online learning is as rigorous as traditional learning in a course taught face-to-face. Good study habits and basic technical skills are essential to your success in college and serve as the foundation of online learning.

Is Online Learning Right for Me?

Students who are good candidates for online or blended learning:

  • Demonstrate good time management skills
  • Exhibit strong self-discipline
  • Are highly communicative
  • Are strongly self-motivated to learn
  • Demonstrate good critical thinking skills
  • Have basic technology skills, including: basic computer navigation skills; word processing skills; online communication skills, and Internet navigation skills.

To learn more about online learning, we recommend participating in the following activities:

How Do I Register for Online Courses?

Registration is the process of signing up for classes. Students may register for courses by visiting their campus Admissions Center or by registering for classes in Self-Service. After you register for classes, please review the Start Here & Login Help pages.

Where Do I Purchase Books and Software?

Students should refer to their course syllabi and ask their instructors what specific software they will need for their courses. However, please see the Software and Plugins page for free or discounted software downloads.

Books for your online courses can be purchased at MATC's Milwaukee campus Bookstore or at the Online MATC Bookstore. If you intend to purchase textbooks through Financial Aid, you must purchase your books in-person at a campus bookstore. When purchasing your books at a campus bookstore, please be sure to bring your course schedule and financial aid information, printed from INFOnline with you.

How Do I Prepare My Computer for Online Learning?

All MATC students must have regular access to a laptop or desktop computer to complete course-work. Please refer to these guidelines when preparing for class