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Resolving Common Browser Problems

Web Pages Not Updating or "Access Denied" Error Appears When Logged In

If web pages are not loading updated content or if you see an "Access Denied" error when you are logged into Blackboard, try clearing your browser's cache (ie. history, cookies, temp files). Your browser may be referring to old versions of web pages, expired persistent cookies from a prior login session, or to bookmarks imported from another browser.


Course's Main Menu Automatically Collapses and Becomes Hidden

In Blackboard, a course’s main menu can be collapsed to the left-side of the screen to give priority to course material displayed to the right. When a browser window is less than 1000 pixels wide, the course menu automatically collapses. Students can show or hide the course menu using these instructions.


JavaScript Not Enabled

You will need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser in order to user Blackboard. The easiest way to determine if you have JavaScript enabled is to use the Browser Tester.


Java Plugin Problems

Some textbook publishers provide interactive content that requires a Java plugin to run in a web browser. Please use the Browser Tester to check your browser's Java plugin status. If Java cannot be detected, install an updated version of Java by downloading the most recent version from the official Java website.

If Java is Blocked or Not Enabled in Your Browser

Please review these resources:

If Java Applications Won't Load or Load with Errors - Clear the Java Cache

Try clearing your Java cache. Clearing the Java cache forces your browser to re-load the Java plugin and the latest versions of web pages and programs.


Missing Plugins for Viewing PDFs or Videos

If you are having trouble accessing PDF files or accessing multimedia in your web browser, use the Browser Tester to determine if you are missing a necessary browser plugin. You may also visit our Software and Plugins page to access links to download the plugins you are missing in your browser.


Cookies or Third-Party Cookies Not Allowed

Blackboard requires that your browser allows the creation of cookies, which are small bits of information that are used by a website for authenticating login status, test taking, and performing other activities online. Some tools provided by Blackboard's partners, such as SafeAssign, Box View, Cengage, Pearson, or McGraw Hill, require your browser to allow third-party cookies in order to function. When third-party cookies are blocked, these tools will not load or an error message referencing cookies may appear.


Pop-Ups Blocked

Blackboard uses pop-up windows to guide and prompt you through completing web-based activities. An easy way to detect if you have cookies enabled in your browser is to use the Browser Tester.


Mixed Content Blocker - Video, Link, or Embedded Content Won't Load

Web links and embedded videos from YouTube, Films on Demand, or other sources may fail to load when accessing Blackboard in web browsers that use a security feature called "mixed content blocking".