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Submitting Assignments in Blackboard

Example Blackboard Assignment LinkInstructors may require you to submit papers electronically through special assignment links in your Blackboard course. To submit an assignment, please review the steps outlined below.

If you experience a technical problem when submitting an assignment, contact your instructor immediately and review the Assignment Troubleshooting Tips.


Step One: Use a Word Processing Program to Create a Document

In an online course, your instructor may collect assignments through submission links located in your course in Blackboard. This requires you to create documents in a word processing program, such as Microsoft WordMac Pages, or Google Docs. If you will be using a Chromebook, see these instructions

Follow these guidelines to ensure that the file you create and submit can be opened by your instructor!

  • File Format and Extension - Save or export your document in a supported format, such as .DOCX, .PPTX, .XLSX, or .PDF.  This ensures that your instructor will be able to open your file and that the file will load in the assignment's document preview window. Make sure that the file has a file extension so that the file can be opened by a program. Example: asterisk-annie-assignment1.docx
  • File Name - To support effective file management, give your document a specific name that includes your name and assignment information. The filename must be less than 72 characters long and not include blank spaces or special characters. Example: asterisk-annie-assignment1.docx.
  • File Size Limit - Blackboard will not accept files larger than 250 MB. If your file is larger than this, please compress your file or use Google Drive to host and share files by link:

Step Two: Submit Your Assignment in Blackboard

Instructors using Blackboard may require you to submit papers electronically through special assignment links in your course. The submission process is similar to sending an e-mail with an attached file. Review the Guide to Submitting Assignments and watch the provided video to learn the submission process. Your instructor will tell you if your submission will be scanned for originality using SafeAssign Plagirism Tools.

Step Three: Check your Course's My Grades Area

Once you have submitted your assignment, check your course's My Grades tool to verify that the assignment was received by your course's Grade Center. If your instructor has added annotations to a document through Box View, you may download the annotations to view offline.