Blackboard Navigation and Settings

Students can customize their My Blackboard settings and navigational elements using these resources.

Using the My Blackboard Global Navigation

When you are logged into Blackboard, the My Blackboard global navigation will appear in the top-right corner of your screen. It will display your login status, list update notifications, and provide links to your courses and personal settings.

My Blackboard Global Navigation

To learn more about using this feature, review the My Blackboard Global Navigation tutorial or watch this video:

Adjusting Your Notification Settings

Your My Blackboard notification system automatically alerts you when events occur in your courses, such as when grades, new content, and tests are made available, or when you have unread discussion posts. When updates are available, click the red number icon that appears in your My Blackboard navigation to view and dismiss them.

My Blackboard Global Navigation

To adjust your notification settings, please see the Notification Settings tutorial or watch this video:

Adding an Avatar to Your Blackboard Profile

You may customize your Blackboard profile with an avatar image. This image will appear to your instructor and classmates when you use the discussion board, blog, wiki, or journal tools in a course.

My Blackboard Global Navigation

To learn how this is done, please see the Profile Avatar tutorial or watch this video:

Editing Your My Courses List

If you see courses from prior semesters still listed in your My Courses module on the Student page, you can hide them by editing your "My Courses" settings button.

My Courses List

Understanding Your Course's Navigation

Instructors create and manage their online course content. Each course includes a main menu on the left side of the page. The main menu will include content such as Announcements, Syllabus, Discussion, Instructor Information, and the My Grades area. The main menu can be collapsed to the left-side of the screen to give priority to course material displayed to the right. When a browser window is less than 1000 pixels wide, the course menu automatically collapses. Students can show or hide the course menu using these instructions.

Example Course Menu